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RWLV’s Luncheon Meeting

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at
Maggiano’s Little Italy

What an event it was!  Senator Dean Heller had
agreed to speak to our members at our August
luncheon meeting.  And we were not disappointed.  
Many of our guests welcomed him with open arms
and offered true friendship and future support.  
His personality is captivating and warm.  During
our social hour we all had a chance to shake hands,
renew our acquaintance with the senator and to
exchange ideas.  It was very friendly and warm.
Yet there were a few guests that confronted him
with anger because he has not yet endorsed the
Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump,
a complaint Senator Heller has faced in the past
months.  For now, he is following his convictions
as some of us do.
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